Bluetooth Car Diagnostic Scanner for your workshop

All these systems have sensors, and you can read and interpret the error codes sent by these various systems through a car diagnostic scanner. If you are searching for a useful car diagnostic scanner for your workshop, then you should go for a Bluetooth device e.g. obd2 bluetooth. Certain benefits make such devices better than the older wired, handheld devices.

Range of distance

The wired scanners that you may be using in your workshop are good, but there are problems with these tools. For example, if your technician needs to check under the engine hood or the vehicle and do this in real time he cannot do this. This is a waste of time. With a Bluetooth car diagnostic scanner for your workshop, your technicians can monitor all the different systems of a vehicle in real time and embark on the repair job immediately. Such devices have a range of around two and a half feet which makes it easy for the technician to diagnose systems in a car while being outside the vehicle. This makes diagnosis fast and increases the efficiency of your technicians.

Wireless display

The biggest advantage of such a car diagnostic scanner is that you can use it through your smartphone. Your smartphone turns into a mobile display of the error codes. As you get the error messages and start working on the specific systems, you will also get the diagnostic information in real time.

Free application

In most cases, the application needed to connect your Smartphone to the device is available for free. However, there are some paid apps too which can help your technicians in improving the fuel efficiency of cars through real-time monitoring and analysis of codes sent by car sensors.

Wi-Fi connection

You can even set up a Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone while getting data from the scanner and use that connection for procuring data for running onboard applications like Waze. You just need to set up the connection of the smartphone to the scanner with a static IP address.

Send messages

Such a tool is also able to send messages to the car and set up some features. You can turn off the “check engine” light, the backup beep, etc. If you know the code to be sent, you will be able to instruct your car.


Most of these Bluetooth car diagnostic scanners are compatible with a wide range of cars. Apart from reading the codes, the diagnostic scanner can even reset manufacturer specific nonstandard codes for a wide variety of vehicles. It can even look up the error messages on the internet and help your technicians with certain manufacturer specific error codes.


The cost of such a tool is also somewhat less than the price of a handheld OBDII car diagnostic scanner.

The advantages of the scanner are numerous, and some of them are as follows:

Lets one have fun behind the steering wheel – One can get the hang of fuel, temperature and the speed of the vehicle with this gadget, however, some of the apps may not be free. One can even enjoy the comfort of GPS navigation from the phone.

Makes one a smarter driver- One can get to know how is one driving and the performance of the car on a particular route by displaying a graph consisting of acceleration and break points. There are alerts for wheels and various other problems as well. The fuel usage is also checked, and there are various models which also advise the driver on fuel saving tips through a different journey. All the data gets stored in the logs and can be checked as well as compared later. Hence the device makes one a not only a smarter but a more efficient driver.

Loaded with features- More expensive devices are loaded with features where one can get a decent driving coach along with constant advice and mileage readings whereas the devices which come at a lower price only lets the driver know how the drive was regarding fuel economy. The mileage is displayed on a minuscule screen.

Another basic use is that of calling people without using any hands-free device. One only has to connect the phone to the device and can talk to anyone on the phone list. This is one of the most common features which is enjoyed by one and all. In case one is using an iPhone other gadgets like iPad and iPod can be connected as well.