Foot Injuries

Injuries and illnesses are very bothering and troublesome, no matter what part of the body they do affect. They are mainly due to the accidents that occur in our day to day life. Some injuries can be felt instantly while others develop over edges due to malpractices or extensive uses. However, they might have happened; they surely cause too much pain. The nerve fibers in the region pick up signals indicating there the damage caused to the cells and tissues in the area, and the message is relayed to the brain, and hence we feel pain and end up having to visit theĀ podiatrist in Mansfield. Now let us look at the common types of foot injuries that we might encounter.


Foot Injuries

Our limbs, especially the legs, are involved in constant usage and hence can easily get hurt at any point during the day. The toes and ankles might often get bumped against the legs of beds or other objects at home and get bruised or cut. There can also be a mishap during sports or recreational activities. You might also have undertaken some project at your house, like gardening, and get hurt in the way. Though children are the most carefree about these accidents, it can even happen to elders when not careful or even when they are. Let us look at the common injuries.


Types of Injuries

The foot injuries might be divided into two categories depending on how they happen. The types are:

Acute Injury

Overuse Injuries


Acute Injury

Injuries to ligaments – The ligaments support the joints. They help connect the bones and injuries to them cause too much damage.

Puncture wounds – These occur when sharp objects penetrate through the skin, causing puncture wounds. They cause a lot of cell damage and lead to loss of blood. Most of them cause the formation of scar tissues when healed. They are tough to clean and form a bountiful place for bacterial growth.


Bruises – These occur due to minor accidents and cause swelling.

Injuries to joints – These symptoms are quite persistent, and you might need to visit an orthopedic at the onset.

Broken bones – Fractures are a real painful bunch. They might immobilize you for a few weeks considering that your legs are hurt in the case.

Bone dislocation – These are caused when the bones move out of place.

Tendon injuries – Achilles tendon is an example. Sever’s disease might also result in the injury to the tendons. These tendons connect the bones to the muscles and hence affect movement.


Overuse Injuries

These injuries are not the result of accidents, but due to the overuse of your legs during sports activities or the like.

Achilles Tendinitis – These are caused due to the breakdown of the soft tissues that are present around the Achilles tendon that attach the heel bone to the calf muscles.

Plantar Fasciitis – The plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the plantar fascia, which is a broad, flat ligament on the bottom of the foot and helps maintain the arch of the foot.

Stress fracture – This is a hairline fracture in the bone that is caused by too much stress.

Metatarsalgia – It is a type of pain that is caused in the front of the foot.

These are some of the common foot injuries that happen all the time.