How to put on makeup at a faster speed.

Celebrities have the most professional applied makeup ever that one can come across, thanks to their professional dressers who have mastered the art and can do it perfectly to achieve that flawless look we all admire on the screens. Unlike professional dressers, makeup application can be a greasy exercise. It can cost you a lot of time, but these professional tips will help you learn how to put on makeup at a faster speed like an expert however it must be said from the start that mastering the art of makeup application cannot be done overnight it needs time and patience to learn the skill effectively.

For better results first start with a fresh and clean skin look for the right toner, cleanser, and moisturizer to use after you have washed your face. Depending on your skin type cleanse your face with a towel after you have washed it and let it dry to get a good skin surface to work on. Depending on your skin types you should select the right toner, moisturizer or cleanser that well marries with your skin.

For women with a combination skin type, you can opt for a natural skin toner, moisturizer, and cleanser. Clean your face using water with a light skin cream this combination with help achieve a clean moisturized skin with closing the skin pores. For women with acne or acne related problems your first need to use special accessories meant for your skin for you to prevent clogging skin pores when using the standard moisturizers. Apply a little moisturizer on your hands to make them a little wet before you start applying your make up.

Once you have finished cleaning and applying the moisturizer, immediately open your makeup box (get the Beautify Clear Acrylic Cosmetic Organiser Makeup Cube) and apply a foundation make up lightly on your face ensure that the tone of your foundation make up is lighter than your skin complexion.

Next, after you are done with foundation application dust your face with face powder, you can extend this to your lashes and over your eye brows as it gives a good foundation for mascara and eyebrow makeup application. Get rid of excesses powder using a soft cloth or makeup brush.

For a sparkling daytime application, makeup apply a shadow or blusher lightly to your cheeks bones, apply it also at the outer corners of your eyes and at your temples next brush off excess make using a makeup brush. After you have finished setting up your make up by blotting your face with a moistened light cloth, this will help merge the makeup with your skin making it look natural unlike when left dry and powdery.

Next, apply the mascara and eyebrow makeup. For fast and effective results use an eyebrow pencil or an eyebrow brush first brushes the eyebrows to get rid of excess powder that may be left there, then arrange the brows neatly using the pencil this will leave them perfectly arranged. For an outstanding evening for dark eye shadows and shades for daytime, go for light and simple tones.
Lastly, you need to know that a good make starts with a good skin right from cleaning to the end of the process you need to pick the right cosmetic items for your skin. You also need to apply your make up sparingly to achieve the best results too much make up can spoil your looks.