How to Verify if you’ve Bought Genuine Medicine

Falling sick makes it urgent and necessary to seek for quick medication as the most appropriate solution to your condition. Online pharmacies have made it easier to acquire canada medicine easily at your convenience. However, with the proliferation of counterfeit medicine, it has become increasingly prevalent for patients to end up taking fake pills that worsen their health conditions, leading to more health problems or even death. According to the Federal Drug Administration, most drugs that are advertised on bogus websites contain incorrect quantities of ingredients, wrong ingredients or have materials like eggshells and drywall. This implies that while purchasing medicine online, you have to be sure of their quality and ability to heal the target disease before paying for it. Below are the ways through which you can tell that the drug you have bought is genuine.

Upon receiving any drug purchased online, check them to ascertain if they are really genuine in the following ways:


Colors- check whether the purchased drugs have the right color. There are different ways you can tell that the color of drugs purchased is the right one. For instance, if you have once purchased the drugs before, check whether the color of purchased drugs matches with the color of formerly purchased drugs.


Shape- If you already have a hint of the shape of the drug you expected, affirm if it is actually what you expected.


Batch number and code of the drug- inspect the batch number of the drug and its code as printed on the blister pack foil. If they match what is printed on the packet that contains the blister pack, then the drug is likely to be genuine. If they do not match, you must doubt its authenticity.


Check whether there are any oddities or tempering signs that make you suspicious of the drugs you have received. If you already have the authentic packaging from a local pharmacy from which you may have obtained your drugs previously, check your online purchased drug against it to ensure that they match. If you detect any minor changes in their fonts, prescription or advice that are not updated by manufacturers themselves, then their genuineness should be doubted. Similarly, spelling errors, crookedness, poor layout, and sloppiness may also indicate that the drugs are fake.


Smell and taste- smell the drug and try testing them to find out if they smell or taste strange. You can do this in comparison to similar drugs formerly bought locally or from other trusted pharmacists.


Can the medicine be easily chipped or squashed? This is something to be concerned about. Authentic medication may not be that easy to chip or squash.


If you have inspected the medicine through all the above means and you are still concerned about their genuineness or authenticity, you can still call the manufacturer to explain that you are not sure of the drugs you have purchased online and explain that you still doubt whether they are authentic or counterfeit. If your manufacturer tells you to take the drugs to your pharmacist or doctor for checking or send them for analysis, it is advisable to do so.


Buying counterfeit medicine may not happen as often as buying genuine drugs. However, it is advisable to avoid taking any medicine that you are suspicious about. Counterfeit medicine can cause more harm than good. They are likely to contain harmful chemicals and sugar pills. Avoid gambling with your health. Ensure safety and precaution before using any medicine.