Why you should start using a facial moisturizer immediately

flovxzwbjj4-freestocks-orgMany people underestimate the benefits of a facial moisturizer. They are sometimes willing to spend hundreds of dollars on anti-aging serums but fail to invest in a reasonably priced day cream. Regardless of your complexion type, whether your skin is oily or dry, you should be moisturizing your face every time you wash it. Washing is essential for your health, inside and out. A good cleanser will help keep your pores from becoming clogged and help you have a glowing complexion. Harsh cleansers should always be avoided, but no matter the quality of your cleanser, it strips away some of your skin’s natural protection. We call that protection sebum.here are reason as to Why you should start using a facial moisturizer immediately

Sebum is what makes your face feel oily sometimes or all the time. People with oily complexions often wish they could dry it all up. But that would be a bad idea. Excessive dryness is worse than excessive oiliness for many reasons. The big one has to do with aging. People with dry skin have more wrinkles sooner than people with oilier faces. Balance is the real key. There are compounds that naturally balance sebum production. So there’s no need to worry about dryness or oiliness. A good choice is a facial moisturizer containing maracuja. A special passion fruit extract, maracuja will give your skin a soft velvety feel and help to balance sebum production. The better moisturizers contain a variety of emollients and sebum-balancing ingredients. Babassu wax is another good ingredient. It creates an invisible barrier that helps to keep dirt out of your pores and works to keep moisture in your skin’s cells.

The latest finds are anti-aging ingredients. Many of them are recent discoveries in the scientific world, even though some individuals have known about them for centuries. One example is wakame kelp which was used as a facial moisturizer long before the effective compounds within the seaweed were identified. Scientists have now found that wakame inhibits the breakdown of hyaluronic acid, one of the compounds responsible for moistness, smoothness, firmness and a more youthful look. The kelp was used historically to protect against sunburn. Scientists have found that wakame contains a compound called sulfated poly fucose, which acts as a minor sunscreen. Wakame kelp is now included as an ingredient in some of the better anti-aging creams. The minerals it contains contribute to the skin’s moisture balance.

A facial moisturizer can easily make the skin feel too greasy and look too shiny. Petrolatum and mineral oil are commonly found in less expensive moisturizers. They are akin to petroleum jelly. If you think about applying that to your face, you can imagine how greasy your skin would look. Plant-derived oils like grape seed oil do not cause a greasy appearance. They simply help to replenish the sebum lost during a bath or shower. They protect and nourish with antioxidants like vitamin E. A facial moisturizer containing natural vitamin E can help to repair the damage done by overexposure to the sun. That’s just one more benefit that we shouldn’t overlook.

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